Friday, July 31, 2009

The Truth of MAPP's Opponents

"All truth passes through three stages.
First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."
Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 - 1860)

With this posting is where the fun begins. Now that the opponents to MAPP have been exposed as trying to pass on misleading arguments that are weak at best, and the ONLY means at their disposal for their opposition, it has come to my attention that the opposition is now trying to discredit the editor of Jonathan Travers Chronicles. Many people know and have heard the old adage, “If you cannot attach and counter argue the message, attack the messenger!!”

I have listed some of my favorites below:

1. There are those who say that the editor is a paid writer by Pepco.

Answer: While I take this as quite a complement as the litmus test to the quality of my writing, I have to say that this is not accurate in anyway, shape, or form. I sincerely thank you for the adulation though.

2. The opposition is questioning why I have only written about MAPPs and no other news.

Answer: This IS the most important and current NEWS that has the largest potential effect on local issues. If the citizens of Delmarva allow these weak and misleading arguments to jeopardize the quality and reliability of our electric power supply, then we all will suffer economically in so many ways emulating a third world country.

3. The opposition is also making speculative comments that the editor of the Jonathan Travers Chronicles is looking to gain personally from the new transmission line.

Answer: The only gain that the editor of Jonathan Travers Chronicles could ever receive is the same as everyone…..reliable and sustainable quality electric power replacing what will soon be lost.

So I will reiterate the important facts again for summation:

1. Most of the power that the Delmarva Peninsula has access to now is generated in the Philadelphia / Wilmington area. This electric generation is from coal, oil, and a nuclear power plant. The coal and oil power plants are being shut down in this area, much like Indian River coal power plant, so there will be a large loss in available generated electric power.

2. The current demand is greater than what will be left of the generation being produced in this area. To transport rail road cars full of coal or tankers of imported mid-east oil, is not cost effective nor competitive to the electric power generated in the Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, & Ohio where the source of fuel is located. I am speaking of coal and wind generated electric power that is currently available now.

In conclusion, no matter if you go with wind, solar, tidal, coal, oil, or nuclear……you are still going to need the transmission / distribution lines to make it available to where the demand is. This argument is a mute point as far as MAPP transmission line is concerned and the opposition knows this.

That is why the first argument tack is to fill peoples’ heads with incorrect or misleading information based on very little substance. This is why they speak of the "Lost Beauty of Dorchester." Again, all flash and no substance.

The second is to project speculative doubt on the one who is presenting the true facts of the issues that are going to affect the citizens of the Delmarva Peninsula. I have access to the exact same information and data as the people in opposition to MAPP. The exception is I have no problem presenting what the true results are.


  1. Jonathon, do you live in Dorchester County? The people against this project make it sound like everyone in Dorchester County is opposed to it. You can't be the only one!

  2. I am a follower of this site too and indeed, Jonathan Travers is not the only one in favor of MAPP. It is the empty wagon that makes the most noise….particular at meetings. Those who are vocally against are truly a sad lot and choose not to live in touch with reality?

    That being said, those who have the better marketing plan, are the ones who get their message out. Good marketing can swing the population’s thoughts one way or the other. For instance, do you prefer Coke or Pepsi?

    On the other hand, with the Supreme Court’s recent rulings on Imminent Domain cases, this could be the direction needed for the betterment of the Delmarva Peninsula.

    The question is not whether Dorchester citizens are in favor or against MAPP, the question is how we make sure the Delmarva Peninsula has reliable electric power. Anything else is just background noise.

  3. What really upsets me is that the County Commissioners are spending taxpayer money fighting this thing. I think if the residents of Dorchester County knew that their tax money was being spent to FIGHT a project that would help lower their energy bills, they would be outraged!

  4. From Jonathan Travers,
    I want to thank everyone for their input. I will address everyone in order.

    Anonymous #1
    Yes, I am born and raised in Dorchester but educated and have traveled to many places around the world. This maybe the reason that I have a much more "Worldly" viewpoint.

    You said, "The people against this project make it sound like EVERYONE in Dorchester County is opposed to it." As I am sure you know this statement of "EVERYONE in Dorchester County" is a "generalized statement" which negates this argument right from the start. :-)

    I have a good feeling that you are part of ESLC (or someone like) and I want you to know that you are welcome so please feel free to identify yourself as such. We can have a more honest discussion.

    I would be more inclined to make the statement that MOST of the citizens of Dorchester County have no feelings one way or another regarding MAPP, or even have a clue that it is being proposed. I have had a few farmers in my area come and ask me what the big controversy about MAPP is. I give them the basic issues and they all seem to accept the explanation because they know and trust me.

    Anonymous #2
    I am glad that my message is getting out and there are those whom understand what the real issues regarding MAPP really is. The handful of people that show up at the meetings are those preaching to the choir so to speak. They are afraid of the Not In My Back Yard syndrome and that is why they are so vocal. In the long run, they really have nothing to worry about.

    You are correct with your reference to Marketing. I like Coke, Fords, and Celtic Viking women. :-) It may very well come down to a legal suit with an Imminent Domain case.

    Anonymous #3
    Now you have really nailed this one on the head. Dorchester is always in a budget crisis year after year and the last thing this county needs to be wasting tax dollars on an expert consultant to the tune of $7,500 dollars taken from the budget of 2010. This expenditure is just to placate this radical few. You are also correct that MAPP would ensure dependable, secure, and reduce the cost of electrical power. If the citizens of Dorchester had this really exposed, THEY WOULD BE OUTRAGED!!

    Now to everyone, in the future please feel free to sign in a Anonymous but in your posting, give yourself a unique identifying name. Like for Anonymous #1, use ESLC or MAPP Opponent, etc.

    Again, I want to thank everyone for your input.

    Jonathan Travers