Friday, July 24, 2009

Electric Generation From Renewable Energy Supplying The MAPP Transmission Line

I have heard many misinformed comments from those who oppose the MAPP transmission line. One of the questions is, “Why don’t we build windmills or other green energy sources instead of this MAPP transmission line to supply electric power to the Delmarva Peninsula.

(Click on the Map to make it larger)
With this being said, I would like to pass on this information with regards to Delmarva Power / Pepco. Currently renewable energy already represents about 4% of the generation demand required for the Mid-Atlantic area, and it is increasing each year. The above map shows where and what type of renewable energy projects are proposed for the future. The Delmarva Peninsula will benefit greatly from this renewable energy source with the MAPP transmission. By supporting the MAPP transmission line, you will be supporting renewable energy sources from Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and New Jersey. Now that is quite a decent area. This also gives an idea of how large the infrastructure grid is that the Delmarva Peninsula has access to and is supplied by.

Now in closing, I want to point out that no matter where or by what method the electric power is being generated, the power still needs transmission / distribution lines to bring the power to where it is needed.

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