Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dorchester Tourist Board’s Blatant Lie

I received this information recently from one of my readers in Dorchester County. It is an e-mail message generated by the Dorchester Tourist Board making their opposition to MAPP known. It is titled, “A Shore Worth Saving: Preserving our Past, Protecting our Future.”

As I have stated before in this blog:
“The success of a Democracy is based on the art of truth.”

The picture of the transmission tower was very prevalent in their e-mail, but is in no way accurate of what is being proposed by Delmarva Power. In fact, it represents a blatant lie and its only purpose is to play on the emotions of uninformed citizens of Dorchester County. As with much of those whom are in opposition to MAPP, they are still propagating misleading, and inaccurate information with the hopes of directing the citizens of Dorchester to be in opposition also. As I have asked before and will ask again, “What do THEY have to gain?”

This photo is exactly what Delmarva Power is proposing. The two top lines are for lighting protection. It is just two lines because the AC (alternating current) will be rectified on the Western Shore to DC (direct current, positive and negative). It will come under the bay to Dorchester County but will still be two lines of DC being supported by a single steel pole until it reaches Vienna. This is where it will be inverted back into AC and then follows the existing right-of-ways to the other locations through out the Delmarva Peninsula. The bottom three lines are the typical three phase electrical power line going to your house, work, etc. You could also run telephone and cable TV lines on these electric poles also. As you can see, crops are being grown right underneath the power lines, chickens are being raised close by, etc. So when the opponents make claims to the opposite, as you can well see, it is not even close to being accurate. THEY ARE LYING TO THE CITIZENS OF DORCHESTER COUNTY SO WHAT DO THEY HAVE TO GAIN?!?

The reality is quite a big difference to what the Dorchester Tourist Board’s lie that they were trying to pass off. If their message cannot stand up to the light of truth, then it is not much of an argument in the first place and should be ignored.

The Dorchester Tourist Board goes on to imply that the area where Harriet Tubman grew up, escaped slavery and started her mission to lead other slaves into freedom, will be irrevocably harmed and destroyed. So I guess those of the Dorchester Tourist Board would want the citizens Dorchester County today to have the exact same access to reliable and stable electric power that Harriet Tubman had access to in her time. This of course would be NONE! The members of the Dorchester Tourist Board are presenting their argument with the intellectual stupidly equal to those characters from the “Hee Haw” TV show. One can only wonder what the conversations must be like in that office, “We wants to keep this area real purddy.”

Now it is time to ask the question to the “Hee Haw” Dorchester Country Tourist Board, “In your twenty plus years that I know of being funded by the citizens of Dorchester; what of any significance do you have to show for this investment and please don’t point to the Hyatt because you really had nothing to do with that. What you ARE proposing would make sure that the Hyatt would not have an adequate supply of electrical power for the place to operate. Maybe it should be time to disband this waste of government tax payer’s money.”
In summation, I know that there have been many directors that have come and gone with nothing to show for our efforts. Now you want to direct your recourses and manpower to make sure that the citizens of Delmarva, especially Dorchester County, will not have reliable and stable electric power? Please note again that this opposition effort is using our tax payer’s dollars and is all based on a blatant lie. In the least, a severe budget cut should be in order.

I think that this should become a very big campaign issue in our next election in 2010.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

What Is the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy?

In classical mythology, A Trojan priest of Apollo had a vision. He and his sons were killed by serpents when he foresaw the disaster for Troy in the Trojan horse left by the Greeks. This priest of Apollo’s final words was, “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.”

This is a good lesson that may need to be applied today with the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy.

Many people have been asking questions of Delmarva Power / Pecpo with reference to MAPP, but as anyone been asking questions of the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy? Why are they getting a free ride on this issue? Is there a Western Shore Land Conservancy? Isn’t the farm land on the Western Shore in more danger of being lost to development than on the Eastern Shore? I am very sure of the correctness of this statement.

When the Dorchester County Commissioners wanted to have a meeting and speak with the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy to get a better idea whom they were dealing with, they were directed to the local Cambridge office. When the Dorchester Country Commissioners asked the names of the Board of Directors for the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy, they were refused this information.

1. What is ESLC hiding?

2. Why are the names of the Board of Directors for the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy, what should be public knowledge, such a big secret.

3. What does this “Save the Farm Land” environmental group have so much to hide that they don’t want this simplistic information known?

The ESLC has recently sent out letter to citizens of Dorchester soliciting money to hire lawyers to file suite against MAPP.

4. Why is it so important for the ESLC’s Board of Directors to stop the MAPP transmission line?

5. Why does the Board of Directors of ESLC feel that it is so important for the Delmarva Peninsula not to be able to replace the generated electric power that will soon be lost?

I have already stated that the current demand is greater than what will be left after the Coal and Oil electric generating power plants will be shut down in the Wilmington / Philadelphia area.

Now in conclusion, why is to so important to the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy that the Delmarva Peninsula, especially including Dorchester County, be subjected to the level of a third world country status with diminished available electric power?

So the real question that should be asked is, “What do these “Secret Board of Directors” of ESLC have to gain by opposing MAPP?!?”