Thursday, August 6, 2009

What Is the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy?

In classical mythology, A Trojan priest of Apollo had a vision. He and his sons were killed by serpents when he foresaw the disaster for Troy in the Trojan horse left by the Greeks. This priest of Apollo’s final words was, “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.”

This is a good lesson that may need to be applied today with the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy.

Many people have been asking questions of Delmarva Power / Pecpo with reference to MAPP, but as anyone been asking questions of the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy? Why are they getting a free ride on this issue? Is there a Western Shore Land Conservancy? Isn’t the farm land on the Western Shore in more danger of being lost to development than on the Eastern Shore? I am very sure of the correctness of this statement.

When the Dorchester County Commissioners wanted to have a meeting and speak with the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy to get a better idea whom they were dealing with, they were directed to the local Cambridge office. When the Dorchester Country Commissioners asked the names of the Board of Directors for the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy, they were refused this information.

1. What is ESLC hiding?

2. Why are the names of the Board of Directors for the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy, what should be public knowledge, such a big secret.

3. What does this “Save the Farm Land” environmental group have so much to hide that they don’t want this simplistic information known?

The ESLC has recently sent out letter to citizens of Dorchester soliciting money to hire lawyers to file suite against MAPP.

4. Why is it so important for the ESLC’s Board of Directors to stop the MAPP transmission line?

5. Why does the Board of Directors of ESLC feel that it is so important for the Delmarva Peninsula not to be able to replace the generated electric power that will soon be lost?

I have already stated that the current demand is greater than what will be left after the Coal and Oil electric generating power plants will be shut down in the Wilmington / Philadelphia area.

Now in conclusion, why is to so important to the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy that the Delmarva Peninsula, especially including Dorchester County, be subjected to the level of a third world country status with diminished available electric power?

So the real question that should be asked is, “What do these “Secret Board of Directors” of ESLC have to gain by opposing MAPP?!?”


  1. It is the belief of many people in Dorchester County that they represent land fill and waste management companies. As the populations in the Maine to Florida area grow lanfill and waste treatment sites will be much more valueable.The more land in lightly populated areas will be in demand.

  2. Reply from Jonathan Travers:

    Anonymous #1
    Allow me to reiterate your statement to make sure that I understand what you are saying.

    You are saying that the Board of ESLC is really the garbage industry like the company “Waste Management.” An interesting statement but not one I have heard before. Do you have proof of this? I just know that no one knows who ESLC board members are.

    If this is the case, the need to fight ESLC and make sure the electrical power needs to be built quickly, is even more important. To fight this massive “Dorchester Garbage Dump” to become a reality, it is very important to develop and grow the population, electric infrastructure, and take a whole different direction of promoting the county.

  3. I think both the trash industry and the chicken industry have their sights on Dorchester County.

    In fact the Eastern Shore legislators have all suggested replacing the old Vienna power plant with a Fibro Watt manure burning plant. It is being promoted as a chicken manure burning plant but it is capable of burning any type of manure.

    Having access to the railway would open up interstate incineration. The state and county governments would have no control over it.
    The excess conservation acreage can be used for fly ash.

    Dorchester county has had zero growth for decades. That fact has destroyed it's economy and kept the populatio poor and poorly educated.

    As a county Dorchester has greater problems than a few miles of power lines.

  4. Your concerns about the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy are well founded. On the one hand they claim to have exhausted 40 million dollars of development rights for their donors and secure them huge tax deductions. At the same time their Director, Rob Etgen claims to have proven that development right taken from hard working farmers have no value. This allows them to steal these rights and screw the farmers.