Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Obama promotes “Smart Grid”

I thought that I would pass on this article from the Associated Press with the regards to the Posting I did earlier called, “The Smart Grid.” In that posting I explained the Federal Mandate to upgrade, diversify, and make more stable this nations electrical grid. The projects of TrAIL, Path, and MAPP are a great part of this upgrade.

As I attended the MAPP meeting in Denton last week, Richard Klein said he was representing an alliance of over 1,000 Dorchester County residents. Now looking at some marketing facts, according to the source: U.S. Census Bureau, Population Division in July, 2008, the population of Dorchester County is 31, 998. So 1000/31,998 = only .03125 or 1/32 of the population. But yet the small group who are against MAPP claim they are the majority?!?!?!? Well the facts say otherwise. This fraction is just reflective of Dorchester County so if you factor in the rest of the Delmarva Peninsula this ratio gets exponentially lower.

When Bob Jubic of Pepco Holdings spoke, he displayed the different routes being considered, many being run underground, and Richard Klein said that this was the first he had heard of any routes being run underground. As I sat directly behind Libby Nagel and the ESLC members who were probably being paid to be there, just shaking their heads and grunting when factual information was being passed that they did not want to listen to. One member of ESLC even asked when these underground routes came about. As I stated in my posting and comments in the August 12, 2009 posting titled, "Dorchester Tourist Board’s Blatant Lie," I stated then that Delmarva Power has offered to bury the conductor. My source for this information was the local news papers, so where was everyone else who claim to know what is going on with MAPP when this information was made public? It is just very Freudian what information this Small Group in Opposition wants to review and pass on should it not meet their limited viewpoints.

I will post more about this MAPP’s meeting in Denton, MD but for now, below is the Associated Press release supporting the Federal Mandate to upgrade the electrical grid infrastructure.

The Associated Press
Tuesday, October 27, 2009 3:57 AM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) — After an overnight stay in Miami, President Barack Obama heads to Arcadia, Fla., to promote "smart grid" technologies.
Obama on Tuesday will tour the DeSoto Next Generation Solar Energy Center where he'll announce Recovery Act funding for a variety of "smart grid" technologies. The technologies are designed to make the nation's electricity grid more reliable and efficient and allow for the integration of clean, renewable energy. They also can help consumers save money.

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  1. From Jonathan Travers:
    I received a posting from one of the members of the Small Group in Opposition asking me if I was Danny with a bald head and was from Caroline County. I would have posted this comment but it was so full of profanity that I could not make it public as it was. I am not going to subject the more intellectual readers of the Chronicle to this dull, dimwitted, and offensive verbal abuse. That is why I have at the top of the Chronicle, “Not For Flamers.” This type of language is not in standing with my religious beliefs. I will be glad to post the opposition statements but for some reason these people from DCSE/ESLC can not articulate themselves without profanity. This speaks volumes of what they are really about doesn’t it?

    To answer this question again, No I am not Danny nor do I know whom you are talking about. I have already addressed this in previous post but for the dull and dimwitted I will address this again. I live west of Cambridge close to the bay where I like to go fishing in my spare time. I was born and raised in Dorchester and educated elsewhere but have come back to retire and enjoy my remaining years. I am not making any finical gain nor will I ever at any later time. I do know and understand the need for the electrical grid upgrade for the Delmarva Peninsula just as Mr. Klein and the PhD consultant who he hired has also reinitiated.

    It is very hard for me to understand why the Small Group in Opposition won’t even recognize their own findings and recommendation from the experts they have hired. I am very disappointed at the level of uneducated people who think that importing trash, manure, etc. as the means for the prosperity of the area of my birth. This is truly a sad state of affairs.