Monday, June 29, 2009

Speaking Out In Favor Of MAPPS

I am one who wants to speak out in favor of the MAPP Project for many of the reasons below.

The vast majority of the electrical power supplied to the Delmarva Peninsula is generated in the Wilmington / Philadelphia area. This is the main source for the everyday residential and commercial usage but this generation is at its maximum. If the Delmarva region is to continue to grow, there has to be another source to be able to supply the needs for this growth.

I applaud the Blue Water Wind project but this will just be replacing the loss of the peaking generation of Indian River power plant. Those who point to green energy sources I see as a positive, but this will not supply the full needs required for the projected growth slated for the Peninsula.

The MAPP electric power source is the coal regions of West Virginia and Pennsylvania. The cheaper sources of stripped mined coal that is feeding the generation plants are providing inexpensive electricity already. Trying to revitalize the Vienna or Indian River power plants to burn coal cleaner would not be cost effective compared to simply running the 500kV transmission power lines. The shipping cost alone to get the coal fuel to supply to these generation plants makes them an unviable economical option.

The West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania generation plants are already generating more power than is being used by the population of that area. This excess power that is already being generated would better utilize by the erection of the transmission lines bringing the electric to the areas with the greater population and needs. This will be a better utilization of the excess electricity going to waste now.

Now it becomes a win / win for everyone including the Delmarva Peninsula.

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